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The Artistry of The Blaster, Al Ackerman

Cat With Pug by the BLASTER 1991, Oil Pastel,  20" x 26"


Agatha Christie, Are You Drunk,  by The BLASTER 1992,  Oil Pastel, 19" x 25"

BULL,  by The Blaster 1991, Oil Pastel, 18" x 15"


THE THIRD EYE,  The Blaster 1991, Oil Pastel, 20" x 21"

 Cat in Red Scarf, THE BLASTER 1992.  Oil Pastel, 20" x 25"




The whole world is reading...

Norman Conquest, Président-Fondateur of  BLACK SCAT BOOKS,  Publisher of Sublime Art & Literature

Check out this and other art by Norman Conquest.


Gail Whitter, Canadian Femailist

Gail Whitter is a celebrated poet, book artist, painter and mail artist.  She has art, jewelry and spirit dolls for sale here.  Please check it out.  



More Favorites from Blaster Al Ackerman

These originals are all  8.5 x 11, mixed media, primarily watercolor - The Jack Ruby Series from 1992 and 1994.



This 1998,  9 Cent Stamp design is titled  "Mist From This Cheese", is 8.5 x 11, mixed media, Marker, collage, ink and crayons.  The request from Al was to create multiple color variations.  Here was the finished sheet.





Dr Al "Blaster" Ackerman

It's time to share artworks created by my creative friends.  In no particular order here are some Blaster works from my archives.  Most of them we collaborated on to make and distribute as Artistamps. Enjoy!

Here are a series of envelope paintings... each envelope is  6 x 9 and the paintings were done in watercolors by The Blaster.



8.5 x 11 - Original in Oil Pastel on paper from 1997 by The Blaster - stampsheets were color copies,

some had adhesive 'crack'n'peel' backings, other were without adhesive all pin hole perforated by DKA.